This week, Level Peaks posted a series of pics on their Instagram account, ostensibly adverting new items from C2R Fast – and it’s worth following this link just for that.

However, what makes one of the pics extra special is the L119A2 it features. It includes a few items which, to my knowledge, have yet to be seen in reference pics.

There’s always a note of caution about photoshoot pics and it’s entirely understandable. With that said, this L119A2 just seemed…authentic. I don’t think I saw anyone dispute its pedigree on any of the groups I’m a member of. While it exhibits some new accessories, they are wholly believable and nothing about the build screams imposter.

So, it was good to see that those gut reactions were spot on. I now have it on good authority that the L119A2 is legit, and so my Comprehensive Parts and Accessories List has been updated accordingly.

Assessment of salient L119A2 parts:

We’ve seen the Manta Suppressor Cover before (but not in FDE) and it’s possible we’ve also seen the BCM KAG. The Taran Base Pad is new to me (and usefully allows the RS user to carry 5 extra rounds per mag).

Speaking of the mag, it’s a Pmag – not an Emag; yet more evidence that Pmags are now dominant.

The black Magpul MOE SL stock is also new and it’s this I’m most excited about – purely because it’s a relatively modern stock when compared to the CTR etc.

Lastly, the Leupold Delta Point Pro RDS is new to me, as is use of a 45 degree offset mount – type as yet unknown.

Thanks to theotherguy1999 and mk1_tactical; plus jay_taranis for producing a couple of edits, used in this article, which helped confirm the list above.

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