HAO has today started to offer a custom engraving service for their MWS HK416A5 kit:

They’ve sent over some really cool pics of one that’s been completed for HAO’s Asia dealer and gunsmith, Marco HAO:

This is called ‘raw effect’ and purchasers specifically need to let HAO know if they want it like this – otherwise the grip area engraving will be done directly on the existing ano.

I’d guess a personalised serial would be a no brainer for most.

Also, I think I’m right in saying that these are the very first HAO MWS A5 user images, courtesy of 是台灣S.G.O.T.槍隊的隊長,周Sir

“Capt. Chou from S.G.O.T team in Taichung, Taiwan.”

More HAO HK415A5 kit for MWS pics here

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