Two L119 Owners Club Easter announcements from group owner, Jay:

1. L119 Owners Club Stickers

Sticker packs are going on sale today with L119 Owners Club stickers. They will be split into Tier 1, Tier 2, and Tier 3 Packs. The Tier 1 and 2 Packs are bundled with other stickers, whereas the Tier 3 packs are just the L119 Owners Club stickers.

100% of income (not just profit) from these will go to charity – more details are posted on the individual thread.

Numbers of bundles are limited and are on a first come, first served basis. I’d really love to get some donations for the charities coming in through this, and see some L119 Owners Club stickers popping up on gun cases across the world.

Click here for more details

2. Build Competition

We are also kicking off a build competition in the group. This is intended as abit of fun and relief from the current travails; a way to showcase builds and hopefully spur on a couple to finish.

You submit photos of your build, as many photos as you like, and you can enter multiple weapons.

Entries should be submitted as replies to this thread, each entry should be a direct reply to the thread (so don’t add entries as a reply to your own or someone else’s comment.)

The winner in each Category wins a Tier 1 sticker pack (See sticker pack post).

These are the categories:

  • Best Classic A1 Build
  • Best Modern A1 Build
  • Best Paintjob
  • Most Creative Build
  • Best A2 Builds (There will be two winners in this category)

Additionally there will be an article on the winners of the competition with the pictures and a short description on the esteemed Reptile House Blog.

These are the rules:

  • The competition will run from today until Sunday 10 May
  • Entries must be L119s, obviously
  • Judges cannot enter
  • All entries must be from group members and be your own
  • The entry must be an airsoft RIF – Real Steel doesn’t count
  • The picture(s) should show the RIF prominently and in a decent amount of detail, so don’t throw up pictures of your impression or ‘in game’ shots
  • The judges decide what category winners win under (e.g. you might not get best A2 Build but you might get best paint job, and vice versa) – so you don’t need to specify any one category when entering

There will be three judges. Myself, Andy Jamison, who runs the Andy’s Gasworks Instagram page and is a mod here, and Rich who runs the esteemed Reptile House Blog.

If you disagree with the eventual decisions, tough, it’s just abit of fun and some great builds will no doubt not get prizes. And ultimately the prizes are just some stickers.

We all share many of the same values and interests but have different approaches and build differently so it should be interesting.

The general criteria which will be judged on will be:

  • Legitness – This will be for accurately set up L119s. Don’t let his deter you from using lesser used accessories or or the odd ‘out there’ choice, but also don’t submit complete freestyle builds
  • Photography – This obviously isn’t a photography competition but a well lit and composed shot with an interesting aesthetic will appeal far more than a RIF dumped on a duvet cover or propped on a dining chair
  • Attention to detail – It’s pretty much the hallmark of this group – we want to see geeky attention to detail
  • Craft and care – Be it a carefully put together build, or one which seeks to emulate a more rough and ready approach but with careful consideration of technique and reference pictures, or indeed careful modifications or custom work. Something someone cares about and has thrown time and effort into will do well

Feel free to throw up your entries on Instagram too with the tags #L119OwnersClub and #L119OwnersClubBuildCompetiton so people can peruse there. Remember to post here too though for it to count.

Please do put in some entries and have fun. It’s not a super competitive thing, it’s abit of a community enterprise and showing off builds, and to hopefully spur some Coronavirous projects onwards.