HAO is set to make a significant entry into the Tokyo Marui MWS aftermarket.

I first mentioned HAO’s intentions in March 2018. Just over two years later and the flagship product is the HK416A5 for MWS in black and RAL8000. It will be released very soon.

This will be followed by the L119A2 kit for MWS which, of course, will feature HAO’s monolithic IUR (where the traditional receiver and rail combo is one contiguous unit). They’re also making some non-military receivers for MWS.

The black HK416A5 has been completed and is in HAO’s warehouse. I’m told that the RAL8000 version is currently being anodised and it will exhibit a colour similar to HAO’s CAG HK416D (which I’ve seen for real and it’s awesome). The two versions will be released simultaneously.

And yes; HAO’s HK416A5 will be 1:1 and feature an extended barrel nut thread – just like the real thing. I think I’m right in saying that so far there hasn’t been a 1:1 HK416A5 kit available for the MWS; and certainly not one with the correct extended barrel nut thread (current kits mimic the M4 in this respect, which is not accurate).

Needless to say, the HK416A5 kit’s receiver set will be CNC’d from 7075T6 billet, as will the L119A2 and their non-military receivers.

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