Words and pics: Tactical Optician

Ryan at Backcountry Workshop was kind enough to offer some of his Kydex inserts to test. These are prototypes designed to fit my favourite triple front mag pouches: the C2R triple. I’ve tried others, but on my AVS, I always come back to the first generation C2R version from 2014.

I was introduced to kydex mag retention by John Danter, who shared his method for DIY manufacturing. Needless to say, “workmanship” was not standout on my efforts. However, as they were hidden away in my pouches, I put up with them.

The first point to note on Ryan’s inserts is the large hook field. This secures the Kydex to the loop integral to the C2R inner. And it does so with absolutely no play at all, despite allowing for easy removal if desired.

The inserts are shorter than my home brew version, as I used the longer side to secure under the inner webbing loop; a method now superfluous.

I tested retention using my Magpul Emags (genuine, converted for PTW inners). Indexing was smooth, and I was pleased to note the lack of grab in both inserting and withdrawing mags. A pleasant contrast from my grabby inserts. Clearly Ryan has spent time testing the design to provide optimal functionality in this regard. Despite my attempts to loosen or dislodge a magazine, there was no danger of inadvertently doing so.

Each insert exhibits a drain hole, to keep moisture & dust away from the magazine feed lips; another good touch particularly for PTW owners. PTW magazines are notoriously sensitive to malfunction in the presence of dust & dirt.

Would I buy a set of these inserts? Without a doubt, even given my ‘adequate’ DIY versions. I find they offer a fit and forget performance that I look for in all my tactical kit; unobtrusive performance.

Once fitted into the pouches, these inserts are smooth, demanding no adaptation to handling. They simply do the job. The amount of R&D time has been well spent.

High praise in the tactical pantheon. I’m converted.

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