Words and Pics: Meal Team Two


I’d been an avid Systema PTW owner and user for a long time, moving through multiple rifles with varying setups over the years. Eventually I was tempted away from the platform by the likes of the MWS and NGRS. While those are indeed great platforms, I missed my PTWs and was looking for an excuse to jump back in.

I had been following the development and blog posts regarding the HAO monolithic upper receiver, and was getting inspired to do an L119A2 build around HAO’s components. When HAO moved past the beta release stage and announced the complete L119A2 kit, I decided to place an order. This was my very first HAO kit and I have to say that the hype around the quality is 100% justified. I was really surprised at the overall quality and attention to detail HAO has put into their products. Needless to say, I am a convert!


After placing my order with HAO, I reached out to Bruno Carvalho (Diips) regarding internal components. Bruno and I have known each other for a while and he told me about his awesome range of CNC internals for the PTW platform. I already had a Systema gear set, dead motor, brand new set of e-tiny electronics and inner barrel from previous builds. I sent the gears, motor and hop off to Bruno for a rebuild and fitment of the CNC parts.

Bruno built me a beautiful CNC aluminium gearbox, including the Systema gears I supplied. The tolerances and build quality are wonderful and it was superb value; a step up for me from the pot metal Systema shell I had.

Bruno also did a complete rebuild, rewind and balancing of my motor including his CNC motor end bell and bearing housing. The motor is incredibly consistent and runs surprisingly cool. He also did all the relevant hop mods for me. Range is great and accuracy is solid and consistent.

Bruno also sourced and serviced a Systema cylinder for me, setting the FPS and ensuring everything was ready to drop into my new build. The Systema PTW is incredibly modular as far as internals are concerned, which is part of its charm.

The Build

As soon as my HAO kit arrived in the post I started getting my build together. With a little help from some of the other owners of the HAO kit, I had my new PTW! There were a few moments of confusion, but soon enough I had everything completed.

The longest part of the build was converting the real steel ergo grip to accommodate the PTW motor. It’s not a difficult job, but it is time consuming to make sure you get a solid fitment to the motor without impeding operation.

Externals / Accessories

I didn’t follow one single piece of reference for the build, but rather a multitude of images to try and find a setup I liked. The reference and information available here on The Reptile House and the L119 groups on Facebook were invaluable for determining which parts I should buy.

Gathering all of the externals was a slow process, and another pricey bit. I wanted to try and add as many real steel accessories as possible, to leverage the Systema PTWs 1:1 aspect. Another part of its charm.

The following real steel parts were sourced:

  • Aimpoint CompM4
  • GG&G cantilever mount
  • Magpul RSA QD sling point
  • Magul AFG2
  • Ergo grip
  • Magpul CTR stock
  • LaRue RISR
  • Inforce WML – White/IR 700 lumen
  • Surefire M620v with KM2 head (currently dead! KM2 head is strobing)
  • BFG multicam sling

The current setup uses the Inforce WML. I picked one of these up after seeing them on The Reptile House and I really like the ergonomics of this light. It was also a purchase of necessity, as the KM2 head on my Surefire M620v died (it’s suffering with an issue where white light is strobing, and will be sent back to Surefire for repair).

Some parts on the build are replica components, as I couldn’t source / afford real ones. The ASAP sling plate I found in the bottom of a box from a previous PTW build and decided to use this as I had it to hand.

The most recent addition was the Invisiblesight LA5 with UKSF sticker set, which has recently been reviewed on the blog.

I picked this up from Bruno and I had intended to try and find a real unit. However, after fitting this and using it for a little while I don’t think I can justify the cost to benefit ratio of a real one. The quality of these replicas is really surprising.

Replica parts:

  • Magpul ASAP sling plate
  • Invisiblesight LA5 with UKSF sticker set

Future parts for the build are the HAO Surefire suppressor. At the time of writing I’m waiting for HAO to put the pre order up on the website…

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