Following on from yesterday’s HAO FA556SA replica news, the company has sent over some images of the product being processed and a few more details.

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HAO clearly wants to flex. I’m told that the machine doing the work is a €1,000,000 (yes, one million Euros) Gildemeister from the DMG Mori plant in Beielfed, Germany. This information is probably more meaningful to their competitors than it is to the average consumer, but in any case it’s good background.

That water jet looks a bit like the Death Star, which makes it €1,000,000 well spent as far as I’m concerned.

All parts are fully CNC’d from bar or billet. I mentioned in the previous article that like the RS, HAO’s can is mainly composed of steel. It’s SUS304, for the alloy spotters.

Again, HAO will be making both Hardcore and Milsim versions of the can. Descriptions for both will appear on their website.

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