The FA556SA saga is one of many fantastic examples of how UKSF wrong-foots its fans. Prior to February 2018, it was majorly assumed by enthusiasts that the SOCOM can had replaced the legacy FA556SA.

Then, this news dropped:

Surefire FA556SA Suppressor: The UKSF L119A2 Can

HAO’s FA556SA Replica

HAO has been promising to make a replica of the new model FA556SA for some time, to complement its L119A2 Full Kit, and it’s now close to release.

Pre-order here

They’ve sent over some pics, with trades obscured.

The can is mainly steel, with an anodised aluminium collar and welded end caps. Needless to say, it’s designed to fit the RS hider and HAO’s replica of it – not the hiders made to proprietary specs, which are available elsewhere.

These are the first pics of the new HAO can that I’ve seen. I didn’t see it as it was shaping up over time, so it’s interesting to see it suddenly appear.


Production pics

HAO’s FA556-212 Replica

Incidentally, for the Japanese market and some friends of HAO, I’m told there will be a limited edition 212 version of the suppressor available soon.

HAO’s SOCOM 556RC – New Version

I’m told HAO has also updated its 556RC to shave some weight (50g) and the collar will now be anodised aluminium. The new 556RC will share the same production values as the FA556SA and 212, which I’m told will have deeper trades than earlier iterations amongst other improvements.

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