When does V1.0 become V2.0? Well, it depends on the version control schema applied to a product and its interpretation.

While I don’t consider what I assume is the current implementation of FirstSpear’s MultiMag Rapid Adjust Pocket to be V2.0 (and nor does the manufacturer, evidently), there have been some small but notable changes since V1.0.

Left – current MultiMag; right – V1.0.

First up is the structure of the pocket.

The current version holds its structure well and feels more robust, whereas V1.0 is more pliant.

Left – current MultiMag; right – V1.0.

Presumably the current version is lined in a different way to V1.0, although without cutting open the pouch it’s hard to say.

What can be said is that the (incredibly difficult to photograph) white plastic pouch backing is much stiffer in the current version. This is an improvement when the pouch is in situ, delivering a more rigid platform with a more dependable feel.

The second notable revision is that the 6/9 PALS straps on the current version are shorter. Again, this means that when in situ the pouch is more secure and stable – V1.0 often suffering from a less than tight PALS weave through webbing. Big improvement for me.

Left – current MultiMag; right – V1.0, with longer PALS straps.

Next, although this could simply be a batch issue as opposed to a version thing, the stitching highlighted below is better quality on V1.0.

Left – current MultiMag; right – V1.0.

On the reverse of the pouch is an additional reinforcement bar tack, which effectively canalises the MultiMag’s trouser belt pass through; lending rigidity, both to the structure per se and preventing the pouch from moving around on the belt.

Left – current MultiMag; right – V1.0.

Lastly, the most obvious difference.

The current version MultiMag’s Boa adjuster is as good as colour matched and exhibits a slightly different grip profile – as well as the company’s newer logo.

The more innovative companies do make regular incremental changes without making a big deal over it, so it’s not hugely surprising what FirstSpear has done here.

For me, though, these are on balance much welcome improvements which I really appreciate.

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