I was lucky enough to receive some Kydex inserts from Ryan at Backcountry Workshop.

These inserts are experimental in terms of finish and branding, with Ryan trying out some new techniques. However, they’ve been optimised for the C2RFAST Single M4 Mag Pouches that I reviewed here.

One of the advantages with this pattern of pouch is that it contains loop velcro on the rear inside face, and Ryan has provisioned his inserts with corresponding velcro hook – much like Esstac’s (and others) arrangement in their pouches. However, the inserts also work perfectly well in pouches without velcro.

For those new to Kydex the inserts exhibit an hourglass shape, which is under tension from the mag pouch. When a mag is inserted, the Kydex flexes to allows the mag’s transit. However, because it wants to spring back to its usual state (due to the tension of the pouch) it keeps the mag under tension. So, it’s basically like inserting the mag between two opposing leaf springs.

I’ve given the inserts a sterile try out and they certainly work as advertised. It’s sometimes the case with Kydex that it creates way too strong a hold, and it’s one of the things which initially steered me away from it. However, these inserts deliver just the right amount of tension for me; intuitive to overcome, but capable of keeping a mag in situ even when the pouch is inverted and shaken.

Contact Backcountry Workshop here to discuss any projects you may have in mind.

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