Words and pics: Rich Norman

HSGI’s Taco system has to be the most referenced design in modern mag pouch history. So far, HSGI’s competitors have all delivered variations on the bungee ‘corset’ theme – sticking closely to the original.

Until now.

First Spear has developed something really quite innovative. Leveraging the Boa retention system, they’ve delivered their own multi-calibre magazine pouch which is easy to adjust, features micro-fine calibration and includes a quick release feature.

You may have come across Boa on performance footwear:

While First Spear’s pouch follows the corset design laid down by the Taco, instead of threading bungee around a skeletal chassis they use Boa’s L-Series Turn to Tighten and Quick Release unit:

First Spear’s implementation looks like this:

It’s a bit like a lace-up shoe from Bladerunner, which is as cool to use as it sounds.

On top of this innovative architecture we find a lightweight MOLLE compatible pouch, which can also be slipped onto a belt thanks to the channel between the Boa lattice and the PALS backer.

The face of the pouch is also MOLLE compatible, featuring PALS slots.

The base is partially open to allow water and crud an escape route.

The PALS backer features One-Wrap style loop, for further integration options.

Aside from the compressive force applied by the Boa system, the inside face of the pouch is lined with a hypalon-type substance for a bit of grip; and it grips fine.

Alternatively, a bungee retainer can be looped over the mag using the sewn tabs front and back. There’s also a T-shaped bar tack above the two uppermost PALS slots on the face – meaning that those slots can also be used as a bungee anchor-point.

A 5.56 Pmag is plenty proud of the pouch, for a good grip.

One of the ways I’ve been using this pouch is upside-down, with HSP MP2 inserts. It means you can easily and finely adjust the tension on the MP2. The MP2 also makes reinsertion fast and easy.

That said, used in a more conventional orientation, the pouch fits its niche perfectly; delivering solid retention on a wide range of objects – including a range of mag calibers.

The pouch is now available in the UK at Huey’s.