While the CBS TV series Seal Team is undoubtedly popular entertainment, those who follow reference pics of the real DEVGRU see different HK416D setups to those depicted by the show.

But what does a modern DEVGRU blaster really look like?

Well, we all remember that famous pic of the UBL-era 416, which was originally shared by Larry Vickers – ex-1st SFOD-Delta and father of the platform. The stand out component – aside from the suppressor’s glass breaker – has to be the Remington RAHG rail it featured.

Then there are the Daniel Defense HK rail pics. This rail appeared around the same time as the RAHG. Rumour had it at the time that it lost out to Remington’s rail, when the two went head to head in trials. Obviously some DD HK rails saw continued use and like the RAHG some may even still be out there.

Based on some of those images, the blog’s readers saw Browntpx’s awesome clone. That’s a real DD HK rail by the way and not the Airsoft Artisan interpretation which was released recently.

Not so long ago we were treated to some excellent pics from @slayderaider, showing his Midwest Industries HK rail-endowed 416 in the wild.

More recently, more pics of a Midwest Industries HK rail-equipped DEVGRU blaster have emerged – all depicting the same guy, possibly from Blue Squadron (say the people in the know).

This is a great setup, which includes the aforementioned rail, a Mission First Tactical Battlelink Minimalist Stock and a Magpul RVG; plus what looks like an NGAL aiming device in place of the now legacy LA5. I’d also put money on the flash hider being AAC.

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