Words & pics: Browntipx

The configuration I tried to copy is this modern DEVGRU rifle:

…between the RS Daniel Defense rail and the Aimpoint optic, this is probably as light as it gets for an HK416D.

The rail is much easier to grip than the original HK416 rail. That said, having to add those rail sections to bolt on accessories explains why the MLOK system is everywhere and this is not.

You can see in a couple pics I got rid of the rail for mounting a sling and just used a Blue Force Gear UWL instead.

Parts list:

VFC GBB and PTS suppressor, with several RS components added:

Magpul CTR stock

VTAC sling

Aimpoint Micro T1 (2MOA)

Daniel Defense Aimpoint Micro mount

CQD sling mount

PRI Gasbuster charging handle

Inforce WML (white/IR)


Hogue grip (I meant to switch this out for the original HK grip)

..and the Daniel Defense HK416 rail

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