Tanodized HK416D clones got a newly verified optic option a little while back – the Sig Sauer Romeo 4T.

The one in the foreground is pretty obvious, but check out the dude in the background to the right. That – apparently – is also a 4T; again black, but sprayed tan. Thanks to @the_pizza_surfer for verification.

Sure – the Romeo 4T and tanodized 416 combination was rumoured way before Obi Wan Nairobi made the optic world famous; but for many people public pics are the most important arbiter of legitimacy.

I have a 4T and it is an excellent optic. For me it combines many of the advantages of the EOTech reticule (my review of the EOTech EXPS 3-0 here) with the light weight and minimalist form factor of an Aimpoint Micro (my review of the Aimpoint Micro T2 here).

However, if the user does prefer a dot the setting can be switched – it has four settings in that regard.

The environment of the pic which spurred this article appears to be along the same lines as that of other tanodized 416 pics. Remember these from btl_ltw on IG?

One thing to note in all of these images (and that includes the 4T pic) is the conspicuous absence of laser aiming devices. True, they are probably not required for the kind of cross-fit meets firearms disciplines depicted.

However, I can’t help but wonder if this absence is because the LA5 has been replaced in favour of something else: a laser aiming device that’s not for the eyes of all and sundry. The NGAL has been seen in images in theatre after all, and rumour has had it for some time that ‘near’ infra red (NIR) is the new infra red.

Notwithstanding, I still find it perplexing that personnel who are part of – or who support – a secretive tier 1 unit attend competitive public events. That said, I’m absolutely sure they place well!

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