Words: Rich Norman

Pics: HAO

I have to admit that I’ve known about HAO’s SCAR project for the last few months, but I was asked to keep it quiet.

It was a bit of a surprise to hear about the project, because I rather thought a metalworking company like HAO would avoid anything with that much plastic involved.

Furthermore, I thought the project would produce a SCAR-H (Heavy – 7.62) and although that plan hasn’t been abandoned, the SCAR-L (Light – 5.56) will come first.

Anyway, recent events have changed HAO’s perspective on the project’s secrecy, so I can now say that a SCAR-L is coming.

I’m actually really looking forward to it, as I very much like the SCAR-L – Ugg boot and all!

Plus, it’s nice to see the PTW in another form factor. Granted, Systema will be soon release a Howa Type 89 – but that’s at the cost of discontinuing the venerable TW5 (MP5 clone).

While I’m on the subject, Systema dealers have been informed that M4A1 production will be paused while the initial batch of Type 89s is produced – but I digress.

As far as leaking SCAR pics is concerned, here’s a couple of HAO’s 3D printed lower for starters.