I thought I’d throw on to a build the HAO G-style Super Precision T1 Mount in DDC which arrived earlier this week; to make sure that not only does it look like the original, but it fits like it too.

Indeed, it does.

I don’t have a practical use for it (and it certainly won’t be staying on my HAO L119A2, which normally looks like this) but I continue to be impressed by how close to the original they’ve made this mount.

The optic fit is as precise as the RS. Here I’m using the iconic Obi Wan Nairobi style Sig Sauer Romeo 4T (genuine, of course). It has the same footprint as an Aimpoint Micro.

HAO’s mount also replicates the original’s underside, with dirty great shear lugs and a solid cross bolt. I dare say it returns to zero, mating perfectly as it does with the RS spec Picatinny atop HAO’s L119A2 monolithic upper.

Like the original it’s composed of 7075T6 aluminium and has been machined from a single block of billet. The relief for the battery cap/intensity adjustment has been EDM wire cut.

The ano tone is sublime and the company is now putting out some solid tanodized pieces, including the forthcoming CAG 416 receiver set.

I can’t wait to get a look at that.

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