I feel like Bruno’s cans are the modern take on Perr_Mike’s legendary dummy suppressors; arranged as they are in one contiguous unit, with no flash hider.

You just remove your existing flash hider and screw Bruno’s replacement can directly onto the barrel threads.

Bruno knocks out these cans for about €25EU and for what they are they are seen as excellent by users.

Bruno is making legacy and modern versions. See John Danter’s L119A2 PTW above for the legacy version. The modern version is currently being refined.

Composed of 3D printed plastic, the can is lighter than HAO’s 1:1 steel FH216A hider. So, if you want the look and detail of the FA556SA but don’t want the weight, Bruno’s product is ideal.

Looking at the screenshots displayed here of the forthcoming modern UKSF FA556SA, Bruno has quite clearly taken a close look at pics of the RS; so the can is a little more than squint-test ready. In fact, it features one or two surface details that I’d look for in any replica.

It’s also worth noting that Bruno has engineered some relief on the inside of the can, which acts to moderate sound.

I really can’t fault the concept for the price. It means L119A2 builders can get the look for less.

Bruno says this:

I know weight loss is an advantage for some, but that wasn’t my goal when I started this project. The goal was to add even more detail than the models available on the replica market, for the the chaps that want to make a legit A2 impression.

Contact Bruno here to place an order.

Read about the RS Surefire FA556SA Suppressor here