Words: Jones “Koch” Lee

The pic below is perhaps the most famous image from Exercise Winchester Accord – a counter terrorism exercise conducted in the UK, during May 2016. Arguably, it’s also one of the best representations of a modern tier 1 UKSF loadout.

Three years have gone by, but this iconic pic still has enormous reference value.


This is my personal breakdown of the trooper’s kit list, which I’ve used as a basis for my own impression.


  • Crye Precision Army Custom (Gen 2) Combat Shirt
  • Crye Precision Army Custom (Gen 2) Combat Pants


  • Ops-Core Fast Martime Super High Cut Helmet
  • Ops-Core Counterweight
  • Orion Design Group Hybrid Helmet Cover
  • Hel-Star 6 Gen III
  • S&S Precision V-Lite Multi-Mode
  • Wilcox L4 G24 Mount
  • AN/PVS-15 NVG
  • 3M Peltor Comtac XPI
  • Mesh Face Guard (presumably used originally for sim training protection, but also persec)
  • Revision Sawfly (estimate)


  • Crye Precision JPC 1.0
  • Blue Force Gear Ten-Speed Double (flashbang)
  • Blue Force Gear Large Utility Pouch (hydro and misc.)
  • Blackhawk Strike Mounted Shotgun Shell Pouch
  • Crye Precision JPC Long Side Amor Pouch Set
  • Eagle Industry GPS Pouch (Garmin 401 – estimate)
  • Blue Force Gear Boo Boo Pouch


  • Crye Precision High Back Blast Belt
  • Blue Force Gear Trauma Kit Now!
  • Safariland 6354Do ALS Tactical Holster (Glock 19)
  • ChemLight 15cm Lightsticks

Why BFG Large Utility Pouch?

This was the item which defied analysis for a long time: which utility pouch?

For some, the identification of BFG’s Large Utility Pouch may seem controversial; but I bought a few different ones to find out and I am as sure as can be about my analysis. As with all reference pic analyses however, there’s an element of estimation but until further images appear – from different angles – I’m confident in my hypothesis.

With my own BFG Large Utility Pouch as a comparison, note that my annotation with red lines matches that of the reference pic.

The scale of the utility pouch is also consistent with the reference pic, mounted on my JPC.

Reference pic
My BFG Large Utility Pouch in situ on my JPC

Side by side:

Compared to the Crye Precision SPS Utility:



Lastly, I’ve modelled my own JPC, inspired by this pic:


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