DEVGRU’s use of the Midwest Industries HK416 M-LOK 9” Handguard has been rumoured for quite some time. However, SEAL afficianados and more casual observers such as myself couldn’t help but notice this pic, which hit the public domain in the week – although I’m told it’s been circulating privately for some time:

I’ve got to be honest, I really like Midwest Industries’ products. They are well designed, high quality, affordable and accessible – even in the U.K.

I had one of MI’s more modern range of tube rails in 2013. Along with Troy they were one of the few companies which had been pushing tube front ends for years. You only have to look at the current handguard market to know they were right.

But, I digress. Along with the Remington RAHG and Daniel Defense HK handguard, if you’re looking for an impression-legit DEVGRU front end, the MI HK416 M-LOK 9″ Handguard could be for you.

Daniel Defense HK Handguard

Check out Brontipx’s DEVGRU 416 replica using the Daniel Defense HK Hanguard:

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