Words and pics: Evgeny

As of October 2018, comrades and western capitalists alike shall refer to Truppa Krasnyj Banner as Gruppa Krasnyj.

After consulting with some native Russian speakers, we learned that our original name roughly translated to something like “Circus Red Poster”.

Now, had we not gained the notoriety we now have, we wouldn’t have bothered with it, and while Gruppa Krasnyj still isn’t grammatically sound, it’s still an overall improvement to the old name.

Our new name means something like “Group Red”, and as we wanted a subtle change, we decided against the “Banner” part, as the name change would have been too substantial.

While we worked to implement the new name, we also took the opportunity to make some small changes to our logo.


We also made a simplified version, which is intended to eventually become our uniform patch.TK2.jpgCatch up with our 2018 articles here:

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