Words and pics: Arthur Dent

Autumn seems to be a good time to reconsider things 🙂

A year ago I was building my XM177 PTW but had to compromise with some of the parts I used.


Things could be done better:

  • The handguard was a C.A.R. style one, but it had 7 holes while the real thing had only 6
  • The outer barrel used was made of aluminium and was 1,9cm thick while the real XM barrels were steel and 0,625″ or ~1,58cm in diameter
  • The sliding stock was a GBB G&P Airsoft WA XM177 Stock…XM177, but Airsoft!
  • The moderator looked a bit too ugly
  • The stock tube used with the original E1 had only 2 positions; the one used in my original build had 5

Again I went on the search for more realistic items.

First thing to be done was the barrel.

I had some steel M4A1 barrels spare, so I asked a friend if he could cut one down to the 10″ length necessary for the E1.

The next thing to do was to reduce the outer diameter of the barrel to ~1,6cm. After this work was done I got a more realistic barrel, but after lathing the surplus metal the barrel was plain shiny metal that would soon start to rust.

So, I got myself some chemicals to phosphate the item, to get the greyish tone back. After some time in the chemicals the whole thing came out like this:

Top to bottom: M4A1 version, 10″ aluminium used in the original build, new 10″ barrel.

A better view of the lathe work…

Top to bottom: M4A1 standard steel, new 10″ barrel.

The next item to be changed was the handguard. Again, Brownells helped me by offering a 6 hole CAR15 skinny handguard.


The new real steel 2-position stock tube had to be modded to accept the electronics.

The closed end of the stock had to be opened and there had to be a cut in the front part to accept the wires to the motor and the ECU.


Looking for a more suitable moderator, I came across another airsoft part: the “Crusader Steel XM177 Flash-Hider” which had the correct dimensions and some nice looking Colt markings.


The last item to replace was the airsoft stock. Again, Brownells did the job with an RS polymer stock. Now the recoil pad fits like a charm.


Perhaps this will be the last compromise…I am still trying to get my hands on a real or a repro XM177 aluminium Stock.

After all that, the 2018 version of my build looks like this: