At the core of its new retail range, Eagle Industries has utilised its very own Aero placard system. Renamed ‘Removable Front Flap’ (RFF), it’s a system of swappable plate carrier front flaps which until now has been the preserve of Eagle’s government sales.

I’ve recently reviewed two items from Eagle’s retail range: the ULV plate carrier, and the equally impressive Assault Style Removable Front Flap – which additionally uses Eagle’s excellent FB pouch inserts; another government sales stalwart and one of the best mag retention methods out there.

Now it’s time to turn my attention to the Multi Mission Chest Rig (MMCR), which has again been provided on loan from Tactical Kit – big thanks to them.

The first thing to note is that (audaciously) the MMCR is not a micro chest rig. Either Eagle Industries didn’t get the memo on that one, or they are sending out a message that big is beautiful…

Having said that, much like the popular micro chest rigs on the market today (and because it standardises on the Aero placard), the MMCR exhibits three mag pouches up front; the flap shown here being included in the purchase:

It’s the same, simple kangaroo type flat as seen on Eagle’s ULV plate carrier. With removable bungee retention at the pouch mouths, it contains Velcro and can be flattened for use as a PALS panel:

It attaches via ‘Fort Bragg Tuck’ straps and hook Velcro to corresponding structures on the chest rig:

And it’s here that you can really appreciate the elephant in the room: this sample Multicam MMCR is mainly coyote brown.

Eagle Industries had this to say:

So, looks like this is a mix up and not representative of what people will be buying.

Moving swiftly on, the MMCR exhibits a very comfortable, lightly padded, air-mesh H-harness which – by removing the (Multicam) central brace – can also be worn as an X-harness.

The harness can be adjusted for ride height at the front of the rig, by moving the female QASM connector up or down the daisy chain webbing as desired. I first became aware of this feature while using one of the newer Velocity Systems era Mayflower chest rigs, and it’s a really cool nice to have.

Similarly, the waist band has two positions on the side of the chest rig:

Keen eyed readers will have spotted the Tweave panels in the above pic. Another hallmark of Eagle’s retail range is its liberal use of this tough softshell fabric – and it’s good to see a chest rig comprised of such a progressive material.

Here the Tweave is purposed for what I guess are ostensibly radio pockets, but which can be used for various different objects due to the adaptable, four-way stretch nature of the fabric.

A feature I’d have preferred here is a cordloc at the mouth of each pouch, to allow tensioning of the bungees for varying loads. An easy modification to make, however.

The face of the chest rig on these side wings exhibits laser cut PALS, three columns wide. This is a useful size for utility pouches and a feature that’s been pretty common in the retail market since Blue Force Gear’s market leading Helium Whisper arrived some years ago.

It’s not just the comfortable H-harness that uses air-mesh; the reverse of the carrier’s body also exhibits this feature – although it isn’t padded:

It does, however, feature a useful map pocket:

And the map pocket’s opening tabs are helpfully offset, to make it easier to prise apart the Velcro which secures the opening – a nice detail:

As usual with Eagle products, something which sets apart the MMCR is quality construction. The people cutting and sewing this product are pros.