Impressed by what I found while looking over the ULV plate carrier (my review here), I asked Tactical Kit if they’d loan me a few more items from Eagle Industries’ new retail range. Kindly, they obliged; and, as usual, I picked the items I was most interested in.

The Removable Front Flap with (x3) M4 Mag Pockets and Inserts (Assault Style) isn’t the biggest item on the list, but it’s what I’ll begin with.

I chose this item firstly because it integrates with the ULV, and secondly because it uses Eagle’s legendary FB pouch mag retention insert.

Like the flap which comes with the ULV, this assault version is patterned after Eagle’s gucci Aero platform, as evidenced by its serial:

The first thing I did with the assault flap was to remove the bungees. The retention delivered by Eagle’s inserts is easily enough for me.

The non-removable mag retention inserts are formed from a solid plastic core, coated in two types of felt fabric. While providing solid retention they also exhibit a smooth, even, soundless draw; no noise like kydex, whether you are drawing or reindexing mags.

The inserts are the real stars of this product, and it’s worth bodging the assault flap onto other brands’ PCs to gain a stake in one of the best retention systems out there.

Its an ingenious system and not new, so I’m surprised more manufacturers haven’t used it.

Affixed to the ULV using tuck straps and Velcro, the assault flap is a solid choice.

As usual with Eagle products, quality is second to none.

Finally, as an aside, I did manage to bodge the assault flap on to my Crye AVS, so there’s probably also scope to affix it to PCs which follow the Mayflower SwiftClip pattern too.