Words: Rich Norman

Pics: perr_mike

Today I received some cool pics from Mike – or perr_mike as he was known in the forum days, and that’s still his handle on IG.

Mike is one of the godfathers of the UKSF-impression scene and is very much looked up to by me and everyone else who has an interest in legit advice and guidance. In fact, Mike was considered a scene expert well before I started airsoft some thirteen years ago.

The pics show Mike’s brand new HAO L119A2 IUR, astride his existing L119A1 PTW lower.

Needless to say he cracked open the rattle cans as soon as the IUR arrived. Scroll down to see how he finished it off.

Lets take a tour around Mike’s blaster and check out some of the salient features.

We start with a replica Surefire FH556-216A flash hider.

Here’s the real deal:

Mike hasn’t bothered timing this perfectly to 12 O’clock because – quite frankly – there are very few in the wild pics with the hider in that position.

That’s the kind of detail Mike spots.

As far as handling is concerned, Mike has opted for a Magpul AFG2 and a Magpul RSA QD – the latter mounted on the 12 O’clock rail between Surefire remote switch and LA-5.

As usual with modern UKSF builds, BUIS are dispensed with entirely.

Mike uses two GG&G mounts: one for his T1 and another for his magnifier.

The GG&G mag mount is awesome. I can swap out between Aimpoint x3 magnifier and NVG in seconds.

The rear sling point is Blackhawk and Mike has fitted a FAB Defense Mag Well Grip – often seen in the wild.

The pistol grip is a Magpul MOE which – along with the Hogue grip – is one of the few alternatives to the A2’s issued Ergo 2.

Mike has also fitted a Prime Norgon-style ambi mag catch – which is a perfect substitute for Colt Canada’s own Norgon-style ambi.

However, you can also buy an RS clone of the Colt Canada item from True North Arms – Reptile House review, here.

Mike’s stock is a Magpul STR which – along with the Magpul ACS – is one of the few Magpul CTR alternatives seen in the wild.

Mike reports that his HAO IUR upper to lower fit is solid:

It’s a prime lower BTW. Perfect fit. Didn’t need to do anything to the rear take down pin hole. It just needed a little tapping in.

Mike’s paint job is already taking shape, but I’ll report back as soon as things develop.

Catch up on the full HAO IUR series here.

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