Words and Pics: Rich Norman

Who knew Spiritus had a lifestyle range?

Better known for their ‘Murdery Things’ the most on point tactical brand out there has made a trouser belt – and it bears the same name as the UK shorthand for Special Educational Needs Coordinator.

There’s a massive EDC market out there that loves stuff like this, but it takes a lot for me to get excited about the thought of a trouser belt.

Having said that, as with my advancing years issue with comfortable trousers, I also like a comfortable belt.

For me, Spiritus’ Senko is really comfortable but there is also something else to get excited about which is not obvious unless you try it: the Bison Designs buckle.

I’m no engineer, so I can’t explain it’s machinations, but it cinches down to fit easily, solidly and with one hand; and no slipping.

Speaking of fit, I’m a 36 jeans size and I went with large after taking an actual measurement (where I would be wearing the belt) as suggested on Spiritus’ site. If I’d gone for the belt-span which covers 36″ (medium) I’d have received too small a belt; so measure, rather than thinking of jeans waist size.

Any excess can be cut and heat sealed, like Spiritus themselves do with the loose end:

The Senko is available in Multicam Black, but rather than use tonal stitching throughout, the company has really set things off with contrast blaze orange. It’s a small but attractive touch.

One feature I’ve never seen on a trouser belt is the loop field:

Presumably, Spiritus intends this for a forthcoming accessory line – something like their Hook, maybe?

Prior to publication, I nearly made the mistake of saying nothing about the Senko’s quality. It’s just so expected of Spiritus that I take it for granted.

Like every product of theirs I have handled, the quality is second to none. They’ve selected a really well made aluminium buckle, the webbing (1.75″ wide) is supple and top quality; and the stitching is straight and true, with high count abundance.

Big thanks to Tactical Kit for providing the review sample.