For me, the production version of GBLS’ DAS has to be The Airsoft Innovation of 2018; and Dan from ATRG’s thorough, balanced article is contender for Review of the Year:

This is a review you can trust from a knowledgable, credible airsofter. No financial interest, no advertising space to fill and sure as hell no hyperbole!

Prior to hearing what Dan had to say about the DAS, I’d almost written off the idea as an interesting novelty.

Sure, South Korea is pretty much the high tech capital of the world right now, but I was expecting the usual airsoft tolerances and quality. Even if the system worked as expected, it still had to shoot straight – and with a nozzle travelling at high speed and slamming into the hop unit, what were the chances of that?

Well, guess what? Dan’s opinion is that the DAS shoots as accurately and with the same range as a TM Recoil – but with hepatic feedback somewhere between a TM Recoil and a GBBR.

So what’s not to like?

For some, the drawbacks to the DAS are two fold: 1. It’s expensive 2. It looks bad.

It’s difficult to look past the aesthetics, but there’s every hope that the company will release a vanilla M4A1 – or better still a 416 – for users to start taking the look to the next level.

As for the price…for something that combines some of the best features of an NGRS with those of a PTW, I can’t see the problem. Anyone remember Systema’s awful Recoil PTW? That costs $2400.00, plus about $145.00 per mag.

GBLS doesn’t strike me as a Systema, so hopefully the more they sell the more affordable the DAS will become.

The DAS has already come down in price from the original boutique beta version to the new production version; and the latter is what Dan reviewed.

I’m not about to renounce the PTW as the ultimate airsoft platform just yet, but I’ll be following developments closely.

Here’s that link again:

Click through to ATRG and say goodbye to #DASDENIAL 🙂


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