Words: Rich Norman

Pics: TF EXO/Roar Stene


Today’s exciting news: the big reveal that First Entry Unit has been inducted into Task Force Exorbitance.

First Entry Unit had this to say:

Joining Task Force Exorbitance is a great opportunity for us. There’s a lot of experience within EXO, and we hope to add even more.

EXO, especially HHK have been very supportive of us during our journey into the world of CAG-impressions.

It’s a two way street of course, so we’re set on doing our part as best we can in the future.

I also spoke to Ola from HHK:

First Entry Unit is a fresh and exciting team of serious and committed CAG impressionists, which specialises in dynamic entry.

The team is a great fit with the existing TF EXO elements, and we look forward to developing strategy and tactics as one cohesive unit.



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