Words: Rich Norman

Pics: The Full 9/ITS

If you haven’t seen this already, get over to Imminent Threat Solutions (ITS) to read Part One of The Full 9’s awesome new article – Seeking Uniformity: Differences in Battle Dress, Field Cut and Combat Cut Uniform Tops.

For me, Chris (The Full 9) is one of the most credible bloggers out there; so it’s no surprise that this has been recognised by one of the biggest and most read players in the tactical media game.

Suffice to say, Chris’ article is a great read and I’m looking forward to reading Part Two.

You can read more about Chris in this bio from ITS:

Please join us in welcoming Chris Kinnerley as a contributor on ITS. Chris is currently 10 years into his service as an Armament Engineer in the Royal Air Force. He’s humped and dumped a lot of ammo cans and fixed a lot of machine guns, rifles and pistols. Chris spent some time down the Falkland Islands and very briefly took a sunny holiday to Kabul, Afghanistan. When he’s not busy being a REMF he’s pouring over all sorts of gear with a fine tooth comb, from camo apparel and boots to modular pouches and plate carriers. He’d love to own various semi-automatic rifles and pistols but can’t, so he visits the U.S. at least once a year to experience the superb freedoms he wishes he had at home. Visit his personal gear-related site, TheFull9


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