Words and pics: Rich Norman & S23

Many thanks to readers who engaged with the EDGE Acid Gambit Instagram GAW.

It was the blog’s first giveaway, made possible by the good people at Tactical-Kit.

After I’d painstakingly loaded eligible names into a ‘random’ name picker, I didn’t exactly expect it to spit out quite this level of intrigue and scandal:

What? Wait!

Looks like a couple of geardo mates trading free shit in an orgy of backslapping and self-congratulatory smugness, right?

My first thought was,

Who is going to believe this?!


Shall I run it again?

Well, I decided that fair is fair – no matter how it looks.

Needless to say I’ve banned S23 from the Ferro Concepts Slingster GAW, currently kicking off on the blog’s Facebook page.


Anyway – accusations of vote rigging, cronyism and backhanders aside – I popped the glasses in the post and got this really positive reply (and a couple of pics), today:

… huge thanks to The Reptile House and Tactical-Kit – earlier this week I won a pair of Edge Eyewear ‘Acid Gambit’ glasses.

They really do fit seamlessly, giving full coverage and no peripheral leak of light, which can be distracting. Fully safety compliant both here in Europe and the States.

This set came complete with a set of Vapor Shield Clear lenses, which work great with NVG’s, Vapor Shield ‘Tiger Eyes’ (Amber) my favorite, and great for low light and as seen here Vapor Shield SG61-G15 lens’ for those bright sunny days.

The frame is exceptionally low profile and doesn’t interfere with either ear pro or headwear such as my ‘Maritime’ @_opscore. I was pleased that the clear lens work with my ACTinBlack ‘Lunox’ NV’s with out having to make any adjustments to provide optimum eye relief.

The bridge is also low profile. It doesn’t interfere with the depth, height or angle of NV, thus my preferred eye relief remains the same as if I wasn’t wearing eye pro.

More relevantly the clear lens’ do not obscure or distort image as viewed through the aperture.

Other eye pro picks up either a reflection, or causes distortion …

All three lens’ utilize their patented Edge Vapor Shield anti fog coating. The Nylon frame is a nice matte finish and soft texture makes for a comfortable wear and prevents slip or movement – S23 👊🏼🤘🏼⚡️⚡️⚡️

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