Words: Rich Norman

Pics: HAO

Further to my earlier blog, HAO’s Advanced PTW Cylinder is now live on their website.

They’ve listed a few details:

1 One piece SUS303 cylinder body with EDM precise wire cutting piston rail.

2 Enhanced polymer injected piston.

3 SUS303 anti-twisted spring rotation bearing system.

4 S45C heat treated EDM wire cutting ladder gear.

5 SUS303 enhanced nozzle.

6 All re-design and reinforce NBR rubbers, O-rings.

7 BCGS (Bolt Carrier Group Sticker) make your PTW more like RS.

HAO will be releasing a full overview soon.

Until then here are some of the product details which I’d like to highlight.

Bearing Spring Guide

For me this is more of a nice to have; but it’s a common upgrade in AEGs and a PTW-specific one has been lacking in the aftermarket.

I’ve never encountered any problems with the standard Systema spring guide setup, but I do know PTW users who have self-modded their cylinders to include a thrust bearing.

From my point of view, this is very much a case of HAO demonstrating thoughtfulness and going the extra mile.

For others, this will represent an essential upgrade.

Fake Bolt Cavity

It looks simple, but creating a space for the fake bolt requires exacting tolerances. A void of around 0.2mm deep was machined into the cylinder body to create a recess. That’s awesome.

The fake bolt itself is another nice to have, from my perspective. For others it’s something they’ve been crying out for.

Nothing Outsourced

HAO makes all the component parts from raw materials. This is a big one for me, because they can properly control quality. That’s not always easy when you outsource production, or parts of production, to third parties.

One Piece EDM-Processed SUS303 Stainless Steel Body

OK, strap in because this is the money shot.

Whereas the golden oldie 2008 Systema Cylinder body was a one piece edition, it was constructed of aluminium. Some users managed to damage theirs by cross threading the end threads or by denting the casing through poor handling (I’ve done it myself and blame only myself).

Amongst other things, a dented casing means a poor air seal and trouble inserting or retrieving the cylinder from the receiver. Also – over years and with repeated use – cylinders would often bow outwards and become inefficient.

Systema’s response was, as usual, flawed. Although they created a stronger cylinder case which was composed of stainless steel, the upper receiver location tongue/lug was aluminium.

Tackleberry developed a solid workaround for this, but prior to his mod the 2012 cylinder’s two piece construction could develop problems where the tongue would work loose from the body.

With their Advanced PTW Cylinder, HAO has delivered the best of both worlds: a one piece unit made from a bar of SUS303 stainless steel.

Not only that but it’s EDM wire-cut – which anyone with an engineering background will tell you is an exacting process…and not the sort of thing you normally find in the production of toy guns.

EDM wire-cutting is a high tech non-contact machining technique, so it creates no stresses like milling etc; it’s precise and delivers ultimate concentricity (roundness).

This in turn delivers the ultimate air seal.

Systema’s 2008 Cylinder, on the other hand, is an aluminium extrusion. So even before the user dents it, the tolerances are +/- 0.15mm – which HAO doesn’t find satisfactory:

The round is not the true round.

Bismarck (HAO)

And yes – the cylinder’s ladder gear is also EDM wire-cut, before being heat treated.

HAO has invested heavily in the EDM machinery required to carry out these processes, which underlines their commitment to the PTW market above all others.

As I mentioned earlier, HAO’s Advanced PTW Cylinder is now available from their website.

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