Words: Rich Norman

Pics: HAO

Releasing very soon indeed, HAO’s Cylinder for Systema PTW:

…long story short on the cylinder : everything they have we have, and more.

Bismarck (HAO)

As for “they”, Bismarck is referring to Systema – so it’ll be great to find out what’s new with this product; although there are a few clues below.

There’s also an Easter Egg for the canny.

(Cheat: this hints at HAO’s substantive January release, which follows in the footsteps of their recent 416N set.)

Note that the cylinder’s piston is in HAO’s trademark yellow.

Bismarck and I have a running joke/challenge about making stuff as true to the RS as possible. While that’s not really relevant to the PTW cylinder, there is one modification which made me smile 🙂

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