Words: Rich Norman

Pics: Alfred Encallado and Rich Norman

That’s not me in the header pic. It’s Reptile House contributor John Danter, in another amazing Alfred Encallado image from the UKSF Impression/Reference Group.

However, a couple of weeks back I got hold of one of Britkit USA’s sublime extra large UJ patches.

The dimensions are 5″ by 3″ and it’s incredibly well made.

At the same time I bought the patch, I started looking into the modern discourse about the naming of the UJ – or Union Jack.

Mention the UJ and you can guarantee someone will say: “It’s only called the Union Jack when flown at sea.” You’d think after hundreds of years, it would be settled.

Intriguing as this is, it comes from a selective reading of history. It is accurate to call the British Flag, the Union Jack.

There are a lot of authoritative scholarly articles on the subject, but this one is a quick read.

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