Words and pics: Andy Fergyson (Tacbelts UK)

After starting Airsoft back in 2011 I played for about 12 months with a G&P Sentry. That was great for the short term, because it helped me understand the workings of an Airsoft gun and provided a solid starting point.

Also during that time, I became friends with Rich Norman (who runs this blog) and Mark Evans at my local site: Spartan Airsoft in Bristol. I saw their Systema PTWs in action and fell in love with the way in which the platform works and strips, the 1:1 look and feel, the trigger response, ROF and – to be honest – the sound.

So, I got the urge to dip my toe into PTW world and with advice from Rich I opted for a 2012 SCK MAX2 M4A1. The shorter barrel of the CQBR version looked a little small in my arms and my larger frame, which swayed me towards carbine length. I would attempt the build myself, as I’m a hands on type of person and wanted to learn more about the platform. I thought that would be the end of it, but of course I started playing with the externals like we all do – optimising or getting that look.

After a few games the usual happened and the motor went down, so off to Tackleberry it went. In the mean time an FCC 3.0 motor made its way into the lower receiver, which also didn’t last long. So I took that apart and rewound it myself with great results: 6 years and no issues.

On to its current form…

When Rich told me he was selling his Prime Noveske lower and Vltor MUR-1 upper set, I just had to have it. To compliment this, a Madbull NSR rail was purchased for that slimline look and feel. The OEM Systema outer barrel is pretty heavy, so I went with a Dytac aluminium version.

From there it hasn’t changed much. The Magpul CTR stock was added and is a perfect fit for me; the cheek weld and length suits and gives me a stable platform to get plenty of hits. I’m thinking this is how it will now stay.

With the optics I’ve gone for a crystal clear Vortex Stikefire 2. I also use the Vortex 3x Magnifier as the range I get from my PTW using Green Devil .30g BBs is nothing but amazing.

The mags used are Systema inners fitted by me in floating RS Pmag shells.

Internally I’m using a standard Systema 2012 inner barrel which I’ve polished like a mirror, along with an Orga Flat Hop. The cylinder has also been polished for that extra smooth sound and feel The gearbox was degreased and polished; the bearings replaced with ceramic ones and treated to a bath of ceramic wet lube.

As for the future I’ve no plans to buy any more guns or change any aspect of the current build. It really does suit my style of play. Not only that, but the serviceability of the Systema platform is just perfect. It’s an incredibly well-designed product, and once you take a broader view and get past the cost and the tweaks you need to optimise its performance, there is still no competition as a complete package.

Parts List

*Madbull Noveske NSR 13.5 rail

*PTS Battle Comp 2.0

*Dytac outer barrel

*VFC KAC Micro front sight

*Vltor MUR-1 upper

*Prime Noveske lower

*FCC Mega Arms trigger

Troy Enhanced trigger guard

Vltor sling mount

BCM Gunfighter Keymod QD front mount

Odin mag release button

Rainer Arms Raptor charging handle

Hogue modded grip

Vortex Strikefire 2 optic

*FCC Bad Ass fire selector

UTG stock tube milspec

Magpul CTR milspec

*Denotes replica

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