Eleven 10 is a self-aid/buddy-aid gear manufacturer with an interesting real world background.

One of the perks of writing this blog is being exposed to innovative gear. To be quite honest, I’d never even contemplated looking over a tourniquet – let alone reviewing a dedicated tourniquet holder. However, when Eleven 10’s tourniquet cases turned up in the post I was intrigued.

I also started looking into the market.

Speaking more broadly, tourniquets are becoming more and more common as an EDC essential. It’s a complex, hazardous world out there but the reality is that carrying something as simple as a tourniquet can save lives. Vehicular accidents, industrial injuries or – god forbid – terror incidents. More and more of those inclined towards personal preparedness are carrying tourniquets as part of their med kits; and – crucially – upskilling themselves in order to use them safely and effectively.

My understanding is that with the application of a tourniquet, reaction time is everything.

I’ve seen all kinds of cordura pouches for tourniquets – many of which incorporate flaps, straps, velcro, et al – but Eleven 10’s angle is extreme fast-access.

As such, the company offers a rigid polymer TQ (tourniquet) case which is open topped. The tourniquet is held within the case by friction and it makes a damned good job of this. With a Combat Application Tourniquet (C-A-T) folded correctly, for example, you can even carry the case inverted. The C-A-T, BTW, is made by NAR – North American Rescue.

For this review, I’ll look at two versions of the Rigid TQ case:

  1. Belt compatible: which utilises the Blade-Tech TekLok mechanism
  2. MOLLE compatible: which utilises a Tactical Tailor Malice Clip

Both versions are available in a number of solid colours including Arc’teryx LEAF Wolf Grey, and Multicam.

1. Belt Compatible

Presented here in Coyote, the Eleven 10 RIGID TQ Case® for C-A-T Gen 7 (Belt Attachment) is composed of high quality, durable, texturised polymer.

On the reverse is a Blade-Tech TekLok belt attachment mechanism, which can be scaled to fit belts up to 2.25″.

Unlocked, the belt attachment can be hinged-open by applying equal pressure to the sides of the mechanism furthest from the hinge.

Once open, the system can be adjusted for belt width using the bar and ladder arrangement.

The unit features a drainage aperture in the base and the medical symbol on its face is removable.

The case comes complete with a sachet of thread lock, which must be used on the screws depicted once the desired setup is arrived at.

2. MOLLE Compatible

Presented here in black, the RIGID TQ Case® for C-A-T Gen 7 (MOLLE Attachment) incorporates the same polymer case as the belt compatible version. However, the MOLLE unit dispenses with the TekLok attachment and relies instead on a Malice clip. Regular readers will know my thoughts on these, but in fairness it does seem like a decent solution here.

I’ve included the NAR Combat Application Tourniquet (C-A-T) in these pics, to show how it fits. The tourniquet is retained by friction alone and this is enough for the case to be carried inverted, as mentioned earlier. The tourniquet stands well proud of the case, which makes it very easy to retrieve – even with wet hands.


Again, the case features a removable medical symbol which attaches with Velcro.

The Eleven 10 Rigid TQ cases are wholly made in the USA.

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