Words: Rich Norman

I remember a few years back, seeing a striking UJ on Mike’s kit:

 photo 2A5DCAA2-2B76-4DD9-9417-5727B2C39275_zpsrdwgg2gf.jpg

Then, in summer 2017, this pile appeared on his IG:


Needless to say they went fast.

If you follow the leading lights of the UKSF impression scene, you can’t help noticing them.

Here’s some of the E27 collective at a recent CT simulation:

Photo credit: Snook Snaps

In case you’re wondering, UJ is short for Union Jack. And it’s OK to call it a Union Jack. The modern claim that the flag should be called the Union Flag when not flown at sea has been firmly discredited.

So where to get one from? I ordered mine yesterday from BritKitUSA’s ebay shop.

Some may see it as ironic that the patch is coming to me from the USA. A couple of points though.

First, BriKitUSA’s apparel and patches are of outstanding quality. The company OEMs for a lot of cool brands and causes, so I’ve collected a lot of their patches over the years.

Second, the owner – Harry – is a Brit based in Portland OR.


Here’s how BritKit USA’s patch looks on @simonblair74’s Slickster:


Simon tipped me off on BritKit doing these patches, so a big thanks to him!

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