Crye’s big ticket items normally steal all the review column inches, but they also do a raft of smaller items which are no less worthy of appraisal. I’ve already used and reviewed a number of items from Crye’s Smart Pouch Suite, and in much the same way I’m now going to focus on their SkullCap.

I sourced mine from Odin Tactical, which carries a decent range of Crye gear.

It’s a simple, close fitting, three panel hat. It incorporates a brim which is contoured in order to cover the ears and keep them warm. It’s thin, but it’s insanely warm given its fleece fabric weight.

It’s smooth on the outside – which allows it to be printed in Multicam colours – but exhibits a lofted inner, which helps insulate and is very comfortable.

It’s also really well made, which you can see by turning it inside-out.

It is, however, a one-size-fits-all item – which normally causes me problems where headwear is concerned; but in fairness this is very pliant and stretches to fit without binding too much. What’s more, it’s thin enough to wear underneath my Triple Aught Design boonie or a bump lid.

The hat’s eyepro integration is a nice touch, if you’re keeping it on all day.

Otherwise, you may end up spilling your glasses into your tactical latte when you remove the hat.

Lastly, a closer look at the inside label:

Made in the USA.

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