Awesome paint job on Carl’s Block II CQBR, inspired by one of DANTER’s early L119A1 paint jobs.

One of the things I really like about this one is how the tones change with varying light conditions and backgrounds.

There’s also something about it which I find really innovative: use of a non-slip mat as one of the templates. People are always trying to find the perfect net, but I reckon using the mat represents real out of the box thinking.


Over to Carl, for an explanation of the process:

I’ve wanted to paint my CQBR for a good while now, but didn’t know what style to go for. A friend of mine – DANTER – does some cracking paint jobs on his blasters and he did a lovely one awhile back. It’s only now I’ve got around to trying to replicate it (wife/kids holding me back….haha!)


First I cleaned down the whole gun and taped it up ready for paint. I gave the whole gun a coat of olive Krylon.


Then it got brown Krylon, using a square mesh non slip mat as a stencil. I then used a peanut sack as the last stencil, spraying Humbrol desert tan 237.


I was finshed with the stencils I gave the gun a very slight dusting of the brown and desert tan. I’m very happy with the way it turned out.

…and so you should be 🙂

Big thanks to Carl for words and pics!