The first credible L119A2 build:


Necessity is the mother of invention and an L119A2 is highly necessary for a modern UKSF impression.

Gaz, who is extremely well known in UK airsoft – not to mention the UKSF impression scene – has assembled an A2 in a pragmatic way.

In lieu of a dedicated A2 Integrated Upper Receiver (IUR), a Geissele 9.5″ SMR MK4 MOD 1 has been used. This is key. From a short distance you’d think it was an IUR. Up close, if not exactly the same, many of the SMR’s contours and features are highly suggestive of the IUR.

Building on this, Gaz has gone with the issued CTR and Ergo grip but the detail I like most is the Lantac compensator. It’s long been rumoured that Lantac has a relationship with UKSF, so I’ll just leave that one out there for a bit of dot joining…

I’m really pleased to be able to publish pics of this blaster, so a big thanks to Gaz for permission and for discussing some of the finer points with me.

The header pic (credit Snook Snaps) shows the A2 (and Gaz) at work. Many readers will already know that Gaz is the force behind the Final Encore simulation event, and you can read about here.

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