Do you remember your first PTW?

My remaining two have gone through so many iterations, I’d totally forgotten the format of my very first PTW at its very first skirmish. I found the pic above, earlier.

Version 2

I can remember being very, very pleased with the massive ‘Spaghetti Bird’ logo on the receiver and the shiny silver buffer tube.

Version 4

I was also very pleased that I’d ‘modded’ the Madbull Omega rail by smashing out the rivet which excluded the gas tube.

Version 3

On the other hand, I was completely gutted just a few months later, when I managed to break one of the trigger guard tabs off while attempting to change the trigger guard with a nail and a ball-pein hammer.

 photo IMG_5439.jpg

JB Weld to the rescue.

 photo IMG_5442.jpg

But, that did give me the excuse to go Prime – and once you have a high quality CNC receiver set, you don’t often look back. A second one followed…then a third, etc.

Unbeknown to me at the time, this original format actually wasn’t too far from an AFSOC blaster. Even more ironic is that after many, many facelifts, this blaster is away with Tackleberry and will come back as an AFSOC-inspired M4A1.

Full circle, or what?

But this format works. It’s not tricksy or cool guy – that shit is all a bit 2014, if you ask me. It’s had its day and there are only a few people I know currently who can pull off a decent civilian build.

Parts list is below. The only difference between now and then is that now there are fewer asterisks – but we all had to start somewhere. What’s worrying is I can still remember all the brands…

  • System Factory PTW 2008 Model, fully modded by Tackleberry (purchased 2010)
  • Madbull Omega RIS*
  • Magpul Ladder Rail Covers
  • Building Fire Tango Down style VFG*
  • Magpul MOE trigger guard
  • Eotech 512
  • Magpul ASAP
  • Magpul CTR, comm spec