Oh, yes!

I’ve got a lot of time for mash-ups between classic and modern. And a lot of time for the MFT Battlelink stock.


Plus, putting a carry handle and fixed front BUIS on this blaster is genius!

This build represents the vision of an old friend, Neil.

As Tackleberry customers, I think we got chatting on the Systema forum back in the day. We soon realised we had the same obsession with RS parts and liked the same kind of blasters.


I got the opportunity to attend a few games with Neil at The Asylum (now sadly departed) in the Midlands. He’s an excellent player and I’ve played alongside him and also felt the sting of his BBs when playing against 🙂


Over to Neil for the parts list:

“Here goes:

  • Systema 08 2010 Tac supplied PTW base rifle
  • KDM V2 SS hop unit with Orga AEG inner barrel with Prometheus purple bucking
  • SGT Daniel Defense Cerakote Graphite Black lower receiver
  • SGT Cerakote Graphite Black Noveske Chainsaw Vltor MUR upper receiver
  • RS Colt forward assist knob
  • RS Colt mag release catch
  • RS KNS anti rotation pins
  • RS Seekins Precision trigger guard
  • RS BCM MOD 5 charging handle
  • RS Noveske NSR-7 handguard
  • RS Magpul ASAP sling mount
  • RS VLTOR A5 7 position buffer tube milled for lipo
  • RS Colt castle nut
  • RS MFT BMSMIL stock
  • RS Hogue beaver tail pistol grip
  • RS Troy fixed front battle sight
  • RS YHM E Z pull take down pin set
  • RS Colt ejection port cover
  • RS/Tac Magpul Gen3 P-Mags with ranger plates and Systema internals
  • FCC Wilson Combat trigger
  • Dytac7″ Aluminium outer barrel/gas tube/Systema knock pin
  • Systema carry handle
  • Madbull Noveske gas block
  • Madbul Surefire 5″ suppressor

All on a sesame seed bun 😉”

Thanks very much to Neil for words and pics!