Crye’s Smart Pouch Suite (SPS) Frag Pouch is a very cool, simple pouch. It’s one of the few pouches in the SPS range which I’ve liked instantly.

As usual, I don’t have a particular use for this pouch – but that’s part of the range’s versatility. A use will present itself.

Crye’s suggested uses are:

  • Frag grenade
  • Five 12 gauge rounds
  • Handcuffs
  • Two cans of chewing tobacco

Like my last few Crye purchases, I picked up this pouch from Odin Tactical – so thanks again to them.

The pouch is secured up front with a nice, quiet, nylon buckle; this can be adjusted to size, depending on contents.

The mouth of the pouch can be tensioned using shock cord; and the interior of the pouch is lined with loop velcro on it’s rear face.


On the reverse of the pouch we have Crye’s excellent hybrid attachment system, which features a belt sleeve and PALS-threadable Hypalon. The latter is stiffened at the ends, which makes it really easy to thread. So it’s a bit different to the Hypalon attachments used by other brands. It’s more like an updated version of Paraclete’s system.


The pouch takes up two PALS columns.

So there it is. A simple, discrete pouch which is just gagging to be purposed.

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