Back in April, I did a blog about the blasters of retired SOF.

It demonstrated the kind of progressive aftermarket AR15 parts that unconstrained, independent thinkers use.

I also did one about the Mission First Tactical Minimalist Battlestock; a really great stock that’s been turning up on blasters in the wild.





Today I spotted a pic which brought the two together and with a little help from an NSWDG expert (Gray Fox’s F01), I was directed to a couple more.

Dom Raso is ex-NSWDG and these pics are from his, and his company’s IG account.

Raso’s blaster is adorned with a Kryloned MFT Minimalist Battlestock.

Raso is another SOF (Ret.) independent thinker, using what many think is the very best stock on the market right now.


Just a reminder, you can find last week’s exclusive interview with F01, here.