Another 2013 paint classic.

The Reptile House

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There’s really no excuse not to paint your blaster – if so inclined – with quality tutorials like this out there.

This is one of the paint jobs which inspired me to start painting my own guns.

A few months went by and I finally summoned the courage to paint my M4. It’s only today I realise there’s an online tutorial for this paint job, delivered by the gun’s owner, Dave, on his Maple Leaf Tactical YouTube channel (he also has a Facebook page of the same name).

The tutorial has had nigh on 16,000 views, so I’m pretty sure I’m the last person to see it, but if not, take a look – it’s a masterclass:

If you want a pro look and you’re in the UK, but you don’t paint, Dave can handle it for you. Check out his Airsoft Paint UK page on Facebook.
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And a more…

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