This is something I would have very much overlooked if it wasn’t endorsed by HR4K. If HR4K endorses something, you know it works. They don’t muck about.

First, let’s acquaint ourselves with Doc Spartan, which is a new company to me:

Doc Spartan is a veteran owned company proudly based in Portsmouth, Ohio. We are dedicated to producing 100% all natural products for your skin and beard.

We are a company that proudly stands behind our veterans, we give a portion of our proceeds to Team Some Assembly Required, and we believe in the American dream.

We are a true small business that relies upon the support from our friends and family at PSKC. Every order is handmade, labeled and shipped out by our small team.

The Hand Held Wound Device (HWD) is an applicator which is packaged like a stick deodorant. It smells great, but how does it work?

Well, it contains eucalyptus and tea tree oils which are said to antiseptic.

Clearly, without randomised double-blind placebo controlled trials etc, Doc Spartan can’t make any medical claims about its product. Nor can I. But what I would say is that I find it soothing to wounds.

I’m not talking about gaping injuries which need stitches, but everyday work and play cuts, scrapes, grazes and abraisions.

Got a cat? I wash a bite or a scratch as soon as it happens because cats are dirty buggers and their mouths are full of nasty pathogens which humans aren’t immune to. Still stings, so recently I’ve been using the HWD after initial washing.


Similarly, I find the HWD is great for those minor injuries picked up in training. It’s a relatively non-greasy formula.

As with any new product of this type, read the ingredients first to make sure you’re not allergic to anything and test it in a small inconspicuous area.