Fit is everything as far as T-shirts are concerned.

But I also want the T-shirt to be comfortable and high quality.

And I want a cool print on it.

So, I’ve gone from one simple statement to something that’s actually quite a complex balance. For example: for a T-shirt to be comfortable straight off the hanger, it has to feel used. T-shirts feel best just before they fall apart. But that’s inconsistent with high quality – because high quality T-shirts tend to take time to wear in adequately.

This is where Rogue American Apparel (RAA)  from HR4K is king, because they manage to balance comfort and quality perfectly.

I bought an RAA T-shirt a few weeks back and I haven’t stopped wearing it. When I did stop wearing it, to wash it, I noted that it didn’t shrink. How many T-shirts can you say that about?

Needless to say, because I can’t wear the same T all the time, I bought another RAA one from HR4K: entitled, “Never More”

It has  a message on the reverse, too:


One thing I really like about RAA T-shirts is they don’t have annoying labels in them. The pic at the very top of this review is what you get instead.

Again, like the last RAA T I bought, the Never More T is in a marled tone. This time olive. It’s actually a bit darker than these pics let on.

I can’t see this being my last RAA T.

Fit, comfort, quality and print are everything, after all. And RAA does it all so well.