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It’s not just fighting season in Sweden.

The sun hit the UK today and practically everyone is now sunburned and drunk.

I bought another MFT Battlelink Minimalist Stock a few weeks back, this time in SDE and mil spec flava (BMSMIL). SDE stands for Scorched Dark Earth.

SDE is pleasingly dark. Darker than Magpul’s effort and more like Humbrol’s highly superior Dark Brown 29 spray paint.

The stock’s fit on my RS LMT buffer is spot on and I couldn’t be happier with that.

I enjoyed getting out into the sun and taking some pics, but I was under surveillance the whole time…

 photo IMG_3189_zpstmujbaio.jpg

Well, almost the whole time…

 photo IMG_3188_zpsf6b2stpy.jpg

I sometimes think I should put a load of tactical ‘flair’ on the front end of my blasters for pics, but since I never use any of it I’d feel like I was fibbing.

 photo IMG_2741_zpsg3wbfsij.jpg

M4 Parts List

  • RS MFT Battlelink Stock
  • RS LMT buffer
  • RS LMT castle nut
  • RS BCM charging handle
  • RS CQD sling loop receiver end plate
  • RS Hogue
  • FCC BADASS selector (short lever)
  • RS Colt trigger guard
  • RS LaRue Aimpoint Micro Mount
  • RS Aimpoint Micro H2
  • RS Geissele SMR Mk2
  • PTS AAC 51T hider and can
  • RS Pmag
  • RS Ranger Plate
  • Prime Colt receiver set
  • RS VTAC sling
  • RS BFG Uloop
  • RS BFG QD sling swivel