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These had their 15 minutes a good few years ago but I rediscovered them recently, while checking out a pic of a plate carrier which belongs to my friend Andy of Tactical Optician.

Andy has a Fast Mag mounted upside down, placed on his carrier in a position where pulling a mag downwards to draw it is the most ergonomic thing to do. I ran four Fast Mags across the front of a chest rig in the same way back in the day and it reminded me how much I liked the system.

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You can buy a belt mounted version, but this is the MOLLE specific one.

I picked it up from Tactical Kit.

The MOLLE version has two tabs, which can be inserted into PALS channels. This helps stabilise the Fast Mag when drawing a mag.

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On the reverse, there’s a slightly less horrendous version of a MALICE-style clip which is actually quite easy to thread and secure.

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Mag tension is adjustable. There’s a strong silicone band which can be moved up or down the Fast Mag’s body, depending on how much grab you want.

These Gen 3 Fast Mags are stackable, but I’ll be using just the one as a last resort fast access pouch.

With the silicone band adjusted to the strongest grab setting, reinserting Pmags is a two handed job, which is worth considering.

Lastly, theres a drainage hole in the base of the Fast Mag – if you like that sort of thing.