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Isn’t it nice to see the HK416 in 16.5″ flava, for a change?

I was chatting to my mate Tuomo recently and the subject of ‘alternative’ blaster impressions came up.

It may come as a complete surprise to some, but the the armed forces of entire countries use the HK416.

In Norway’s case, it’s the 416N (although their SF uses the C8).

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And fuck me, they have some of the dirtiest, grimiest paint jobs out there – while taking great pains to mask-off trades and fire control symbols.

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I read on that in recent years they get fined if they don’t ensure the markings remain exposed. Not only that, but they also get fined if they use their own personal aftermarket accessories.

If that’s true it sounds like an interesting mix of health and safety legislation and socialism 🙂

Nevertheless, there are loads of awesome pics out there showing some interesting variations using aftermarket accessories.

There are a couple of great resources for the 416N in the wild on Instagram. One is mighty_norway (sounds like a far right thing, but it really isn’t).

The other is pvnor.

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I’ve pinched some photos from each, to show here. The one directly above, from pvnor, shows a winter paint job (top) and something a little more autumnal (middle).

Of the two IG accounts I’d say pvnor looks to be closer to the action, but both are well worth a follow.

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