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I strongly suspect I’m one of the very few people who considers the Saloman Quest series highly overrated. There’s no surprise as to why they’re popular in airsoft circles. Celebrity endorsement sells performance apparel and the Quest is no exception: endorsed by in the wild pics of everyone’s favourite combat athletes, members of Tier 1 SOF teams.

There’s got to be more to it, though. Even doing a walk-on in crap boots will mean they’ll be on ebay that very evening. I strongly suspect Saloman has delivered the money shot for 95% of Quest users. The other 5% grin and bear it, or sell them on like I did.

Nike is one of my favourite performance apparel brands and I’d choose Beaverton’s finest over the output of most manufacturers; the combination of design, fit, technologies and price point gets me every time. It’s not very often I don’t wear at least one Nike item every single day.

I strongly suspect Nike has one of the biggest celebrity endorsement budgets out there, but I’ve not seen or heard much about their combat apparel line.

So, when I saw these awesome boots on, I got pretty excited.

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