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Delta loadout not doing it for you anymore? DEVGRU too tame?

For maximum couldn’t-give-a-fuck nonchalance, it’s got to be Modern Russian. And modern they are…

While the west has been mired in asymmetric warfare and rules of engagement, slashing defence budgets and generally getting worn out, Russia has been quietly modernising and increasing defence spending. In fact, its so confident in its new toys, its recently been trying some of them out (allegedly!)

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Going Modern Russian you can wear, or adorn your blaster, with a lot of the Gucci kit you’ve accumulated while affecting the Tier 1 look. Your blaster can even be an M4, if you’ve seen the now famous Alpha Group calendar pics online:

 photo 86336576-127A-4324-9832-2B8C70D56604_zpst0q4kwzn.jpg
 photo 5EC71E09-093A-40AA-95B4-5B06517F9322_zps2khavvhk.jpg

You want paint jobs? Modern Russian has some of the best:

 photo 6DFAD867-E00F-4C7F-8ADF-A01BC3E3FA0E_zpsekqkckjh.jpg

Wanna go OPFOR but want to keep using your NVGs? Let’s face it, if airsofters can buy ITAR controlled items, I’m pretty sure a decent wedge of gas money can buy just about anything. Russia hasn’t demonstrated a penchant for sticking to the rules or going through the proper channels, lately.

Yeah, OK, busted.

I’m being a little sarcastic; this blog should not be interpreted as one which glorifies the troubling situation in Ukraine. War isn’t so cool when it’s this close to home, is it?

However, what current events have shown us, right or wrong, is a refreshed, newly confident Russia which is categorical about resuming its reputation as a country not to be messed with.

Since airsofters seem to identify strongly with well-equipped SF, I don’t think it’ll be too long before we see some serious Modern Russian loadouts and some serious (maybe too serious) symmetrical warfare milsim scenarios.

Now where’s that AK PTW?